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We provide high-quality exterior painting and decorating services for residential and commercial properties in Islington.

What we do?

We provide high-quality exterior painting and decorating services. We have painted every type of facade, from brickwork and stonework to stucco and cladding – establishing a reputation as reliable exterior decorators. Therefore, whether you are decorating your front door or your entire exterior, we provide the professional help you need.

As you’d expect from leading external decorators in Islington, as well as having decades of experience, each of our painters and highly-skilled and meticulous whenever they work.

When's the best time to paint your exterior?

We advise decorating your property’s exterior between April-October when the weather conditions are mostly dry and mild. We recommend this because if we use external paints at temperatures below 8 degrees, they won’t fully dry and cure – resulting in sub-standard paint application, adhesion, and finish.

As you’d expect, we always consider the weather forecast before scheduling exterior decorating works – ensuring we achieve a high-quality and lasting finish.

Even though there are various ways you can improve your property’s exterior, none give as big a bang for your buck as adding a fresh coat of paint – increasing curb appeal and value, while protecting exterior surfaces.

Exterior decorating can bring challenges, including challenging weather conditions and laborious preparation. However, our painters and decorators always follow our strict code of practice to ensure we achieve a high-quality finish safely and reliably.

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What preparation works do we do?

Thoroughly preparing surfaces before decorating is necessary – determining the quality of the final finish. Before applying any paint, our exterior decorators prepare each surface according to its condition – and, although this differs, it typically includes:

  • Removing flaky, cracked, or bubbling paint
  • Thoroughly cleaning surfaces
  • Filling any holes and cracks
  • Removing rotten woodwork
  • Sanding surfaces
  • Priming surfaces with an oil-based primer

Through the years, we’ve refined our exterior decorating service to help maximise our customer’s return when decorating their facade – making sure our finish lasts for years to come. As you’d expect, we combine first-class materials with meticulous attention to detail to achieve a high-quality finish.

We’re ready to assist you in every step of the way, from selecting and ordering paints to scheduling our decorators and aftercare, we handle the entire process.

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